Still Using the Text Messaging Function on Your Mobile Phone (the old way) to Send Messages to Your Customers?

Nowadays, it’s very important to establish a deep connection with all your customers. One of the things many businesses are doing right now is that they are using text messages to directly communicate with their customers. However, unlike what you may assume, they are not using the text messaging function on their mobile phones. They are using Moobidesk.
Moobidesk VS Mobile Phone
At a Glance
When you’re using the text messaging function on your mobile phone, it can be very hard to keep all the messages from all your customers in line, and know everything about them immediately (especially when you have a lot of customers). With Moobidesk, you won’t have this problem.
Simply put, Moobidesk helps you to know who your customers are, their preferences, the previous conversations that were made between your customers and the company, among other things. So, you can tailor the entire conversation to meet all their needs.
Sometimes, you may need to hire someone for your company. And when this new employee is working for the first time, with Moobidesk he will be able to know every single detail about the history of the customers and the company. No additional training or time is needed to check all the records about the customer. Every information he needs will be easily presented to him.
Multi-Use Tool
With Moobidesk, different members of your staff can use Moobidesk at the same time. They can have full access to all the conversations they need, and keep track of all the customers they have dealt with in the past.
If you are still using your personal or company’s mobile phone, only one person will be able to connect with one customer at a time. As you see, this would be very time-consuming, productivity level would lower, and customers weren’t going to be happy with all the delay.
Easy Automation
One of the best things about Moobidesk is that you can automate it. Instead of typing the same replies over and over again, you can simply automate your whole customer engagement process. Making sure you’ll be faster at answering your customers’ questions, as well as avoiding any grammatical errors and typos.
As you can see, there’s really no point in using your personal or the company’s mobile phone. You can now take advantage of Moobidesk, a powerful tool that will help you maximise the engagement with your customers, and provide them a better experience when they’re doing business with you. Ultimately, Moobidesk will help you to work smarter and increase productivity and profitability for your business.

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