How Do SMS Enquiries Convert Leads Into Customers?

Today, many consumers enjoy pampering care services like spa treatments, to lessen the stresses of modern living and to look their best. Consumers phone beauty and wellness companies when they wish to find out about specific services or when they wish to schedules appointments. Often they find their precious time frittering away whilst making back-and-forth phone calls. Sometimes, they find some companies ineffective in providing the information they need and also find making calls during business hours a hassle. As such, beauty and wellness businesses may lose some valuable customers this way.
Complete Solution: Moobidesk and Its Mechanism

We’ve designed a complete solution that plugs this gap in the industry. Our product Moobidesk employs the power of SMS enquiries to meet and exceed consumers’ needs and expectations.

Here’s how it works: Companies publish in their advertisements an SMS number that potential or existing customers can connect with. Through Moobidesk, these SMSes are captured and these businesses can then promptly reply. Voila! Thus this removes the need for customers to wait by the phone and incur high phone bills. Thereby customer dissatisfaction levels are greatly reduced.
Customer Relationship Management

Moreover, these prompt replies to SMS enquiries could be tailored according to each customer’s needs. It is because the service agent can view each customer’s personal details and past conversations. This is possible thanks to Moobidesk’s customer relationship management feature where all customer contacts of the business can be securely imported and efficiently managed in one location.

Communication Channel of Customer’s Choice

Another handy feature of Moobidesk is that customers can connect with companies using the communication channel of their choice – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and the list goes on. Moobidesk covers all ground to capture those who use any one of the channels, for lead generation.

Artificial Intelligence for After Hours Support

In addition, customers need not contact the businesses only during business hours, as Moobidesk has Artificial Intelligence to provide after hours support. We have one chatbot for answering SMS enquiries and another for appointment booking. Fret not, it will be very different from one-way conversations with Star Wars R2D2. There will be seamless communication, as the chatbots are equipped to understand what exactly the customer is asking for and have the ability to answer promptly, politely, precisely and with clarity.

Further Benefits of Using Moobidesk

With all these fantastic features to create a great customer experience, Moobidesk serves as an adept lead generation tool, to convert initial SMS enquiries from customers into revenue-spinning sales.

Other pluses include the lack of setup or downloads for installing Moobidesk and a user interface that is easy to understand and operate. Indeed, through Moobidesk, your business can reap solid benefits like positive impacts on your customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue levels. Hence, do contact Moobidesk for a free consultation with no obligations today.
To try out Moobidesk, please call us at +65 6259 0170. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at or SMS us at +65 8799 6394.

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