Benefits of using a Dedicated Virtual Number

Are you the owner of a small but growing business, and find that your personal and business communications are becoming intermingled when you’d rather them be separate?
Maybe you’re using two phones so that you can present a professional business front, but increasingly find that this is a costly way to run business communications?
You can now add to your existing phone a dedicated virtual number, which will allow you to keep your own personal phone and number, and have an additional line from which you can run your business.
Here, for you, are five benefits to using a dedicated virtual number.
  1. The use of a virtual number is a sustainable way to run your business communications. You can keep separate identities for you and your business, and gain a professional feel through using a virtual number.
  2. Your dedicated virtual business number can be added to print and digital marketing materials, using it to run competitions and for advertising purposes. Place your virtual number on your social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram while protecting your personal privacy at the same time.
  3. Display your virtual business number on your website so that your customers know your number to SMS or WhatsApp you. Texting is so convenient and quick that customers can send a quick text during their lunch hour, whereas a phone call often involves a lengthy conversation.
  4. A virtual number can work with your mobile phone and your employee’s mobiles, which makes it a great cost-effective solution for any type of business. With a virtual phone number, you don’t have to pay for additional mobiles to stay connected.
  5. It’s also better for the environment to have one phone for multiple uses rather than two or more phones. Better for you too as you know how difficult it is to handle two phones ringing at the same time on a hectic business day.
There are many benefits of using a dedicated virtual number which makes it a sustainable choice for your business and for the environment too.
It will be more cost-effective in the long run and an efficient way to run a business whether in your own country or from anywhere in the world.
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