Write for us

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the Jumper blog. We’re always on the lookout for great authors and articles, but we’re also pretty selective about what we publish. Let us explain a couple of the processes and preferred formats for our content and details on the audience.

Know Our Target Audience
Jumper is used by enterprises like Disney, Unilever, Jollibee, Samsung, BMW, Reckitt Benckiser, and Loreal. To deliver the best to this segment, we focus on content created for seasoned marketers of large-scale direct-to-consumer retail brands.

Choose Relevant Topics
Our focus is on conversational commerce, so we only cover topics about human interaction-led shopping experiences. Some example topic areas are:

  • Retail trends (DTC, Video Commerce, Interactive, Influencer, O2O, Connected Devices, Cross Channel, etc)
  • Customer Experience (Strategy, Human connection, Chatbots, Pre-sales, Support, Retention and Loyalty)
  • Advertising (Performance, Optimization, Creativity, Branding, Activation, Data Driven, Contextual, etc)
  • Martech (Tools, New trends, CRM, Notifications, Customer re-engagement, Omni-channel etc)
  • Privacy (Consent and notification, copy, explainability)</li
  • Cross-channel (Marketing, Retail, Support, Engagement, Content)
If you look closely, the topics are all related to retail brands creating better consumer experience and scaling up their digital sales. Notice how we don’t cover general eCommerce news.

We are happy to discuss a new topic, as long as it is explained in detail and is useful for our target audience.