Moobidesk Earns 2 Customer Support Software Accolades from Trusted Platform for SaaS Reviews

Analytical and SaaS review platforms are essential to businesses and decision makers that wish to make an informed decision in buying the best software system for their requirements. These platforms not only strive to provide a comprehensive look at each product in the market today, but they also identify the standout solutions in the industry. With that said, we are beyond excited to inform everyone that our very own Moobidesk garnered the Premium Usability and Rising Star awards from a highly respected directory for business software.
FinancesOnline recently honored Moobidesk customer support with its industry awards for providing businesses with a smart way to engage their customers. To be specific, we were presented with the Premium Usability award for delighting customer support teams with an easy and intuitive set of tools for facilitating their work processes. This is a heartwarming recognition for our passionate developers who always strive to make customer support as effortless as possible.
Meanwhile, Moobidesk earned the Rising Star award for its consistency in helping customer support teams solve their daily challenges. These awards reaffirm that Moobidesk is on the right track in providing customer support teams with the right set of quality tools to delight customers and improve their customer support KPIs.
Recognizing Moobidesk among the top 20 best customer support software solutions 2019, FinancesOnline highlighted six ways our software can benefit customer support teams. This includes unified customer support channels, a wide selection of supported communication channels, intelligent response suggestions, customer profiles with a clear audit trail, real-time reports, and frictionless integrations with third-party applications.
Thank you FinancesOnline for the awards and glowing recommendation. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store in 2019 and beyond.