Introducing the Moobidesk and WhatsApp Integration

As of August 1, 2018, WhatsApp has opened up API for business accounts. Moobidesk along with SMS, email, voice, web chat, social media and instant messaging channels now integrates WhatsApp in one single interface. As a business owner what this could mean to you?
For a business of any size, maintaining a top quality customer service is indispensable to its operation. It is not only important for the growth of the organization in the future, but also for retaining its position in the market in the present. As customers are spread over a number of channels and some of them having multiple accounts, maintaining a smooth communication with customers become nothing short of a hassle.
Now, with the integration with WhatsApp, Moobidesk has widened the communications spectrum for businesses as well as customers. After all, the platform boasts over 1.5 billion active users every month, according to Statista.
This step towards adding to the consistency in communication, which businesses using Moobidesk are already enjoying, is part and parcel of the omnichannel contact center solutions provided by Moobidesk.
Let’s have a look at the way Moobidesk and WhatsApp integration could be of help to you.
1. Seamless and hassle-free integration
For those already using Moobidesk and even those who have recently been introduced to it, integrating WhatsApp into their current pool of communication channels is simple. You can use all of the WhatsApp features such as pictures, audio, links, and emojis without installing or using any separate software.
2. Extension of your customer support capabilities
The communications of customers with businesses are continually evolving as they continue using their own preferred channel. Keeping this in mind, Moobidesk has integrated with multiple channels popular among customers. This current integration with WhatsApp is only going to further broaden the spectrum of communications for small and medium-sized business and large enterprises.
3. Fast and reliable messaging in a snap
Unlike the previous times when agents had to communicate with customers via WhatsApp, SMS and email separately on different platforms, with Moobidesk, sending alerts and notifications on every incorporated channels have become much easier. It almost happens in a snap!
4. Automatic answers guaranteed
Using chatbots to answer customer queries automatically can cut the customer service overheads. Moobidesk provides you with this opportunity on WhatsApp as well. You can automate the answers to repetitive questions and let your team focus on more important tasks. This could also be less time consuming for your customers as they’d be answered within seconds of their queries.
As apparent from the features discussed above, the integration of Moobidesk with WhatsApp would provide an immense opportunity for businesses like yours to expand your communications to one of the most used messaging apps in the world. This is merely the beginning and, of course, there’s still more to come.