Introducing Moobidesk Enterprise

Excellent omnichannel management is an essential element to have for your business’s success. But with your contact center having to manage so many customer service channels, there are bound to be little disruptions here and there – if you’re not careful, you could create inconsistencies among agents, making it difficult to provide your customers with a seamless experience you’re going for.
To help you combat this problem, we’ve come up with just the solution. Introducing Moobidesk Enterprise, the simplest contact center platform for you to make the biggest advances.
A single platform for all your contact center needs
With Moobidesk Enterprise unified voice and chat channels, omnichannel management becomes a breeze, using just one user-friendly platform to manage all those channels that suit your needs the best.
Moobidesk Enterprise is equipped with omnichannel routing feature, which is designed to put the right customer service agent to each message and call. The respective agent will take care of the queries, but should the problem become too complex, the agent has the ability to seamlessly transfer the request to another agent. With the other agent replying to the query, it maintains high customer service standards, while eliminating the need for the customer to wait for the reply.
It’s made even more efficient with our Moobidesk chatbot, who engages your customers the moment they connect with your business. You’ll be able to monitor your team’s performance with ease as well – our interactive dashboards summarises your contact center’s performance clearly and concisely. Moobidesk Enterprise comes loaded with other powerful features, including customizable workflow, broadcast messaging, smart response suggestions and more. It can also integrate with any backend applications or systems using API.
Moobidesk Enterprise is the best solution you’ll have for your cloud contact center needs today. Visit our website to learn more about what we do and how it’ll help you.