Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience with the Moobidesk and SugarCRM Integration

About Moobidesk
Moobidesk, the fastest growing customer experience solution, brings you the industry’s most complete omnichannel communications, which is intuitive and fast to deploy across enterprises.
The solution unifies the communications between businesses and customers, allowing businesses to have conversations with customers through different channels such as SMS, Voice, Email, Web Chat, Social Media and Instant Messaging from one single interface. With Moobidesk, businesses can manage customer interactions and provide great support effortlessly.
In this digital age, omnichannel communications is more than just preferred, it’s expected. Customers expect that their interactions with a company provide a certain level of consistency. However, many businesses still struggle to provide a consistent, streamlined experience to their customers.

Moobidesk and SugarCRM integration works as one central system which enables enterprises to seamlessly engage with their customers across all channels. This spares you from the hassle of repeatedly having to switch between systems or devices and maintaining them independently, effectively boosting your business productivity and efficiency.
Moobidesk + SugarCRM Integration: What exactly do you get?
1. Personalized Interactions
Gain a 360-degree view of your customers including insights into previous interactions across channels and empower your agents to deliver consistent and personalized interactions that consumers expect. Through delivering individualized interactions across channels, businesses can meet customer expectations and retain loyalty in the long-term.
2. Improve Team Productivity
With an omnichannel engagement approach, an agent’s productivity can be improved by over 30%. In a disjointed communication environment, the agents time is wasted on switching between channels, making it difficult for them to multitask effectively. With an omnichannel environment, it reduces the amount of time it takes for agents to resolve customer issues.

Moobidesk and SugarCRM Integration Platform

3. Maximize Communication Touchpoints
The way customers are connecting with businesses has evolved. Not all customers are the same – different customers have different needs and preferences. When it comes to connecting with businesses, every customer has their own preferred channels. Do they want to contact you through SMS, a social media channel like Facebook or Twitter, or the traditional way via phone or email? Moobidesk omnichannel integration enables your team to serve customers in a variety of ways that are not only flexible and convenient, but also aids in fostering long-term customer relationships.
The Bottom Line
Omnichannel engagement is essential regardless of the nature of your business. In order to manage your customer interactions in an effective, efficient and secure way, it becomes necessary to integrate your SugarCRM with an omnichannel solution. Moobidesk provides out of the box omnichannel communications for organizations of any size, quickly and cost effectively through our customer engagement platform.