COVID-19 Virus and Staying Communicated

With corporate travel halted and staff strength being split into teams, or even totally working from home, corporations are tapping on video call solutions such as Cisco Webex, Skype, and Google Hangouts to keep their business operations going.
There is also an increasing trend in corporations wanting to adopt Messaging channels like WhatsApp for Business, Live Chat, LINE, Facebook Messenger and SMS to stay in contact.
In the past 3 weeks alone, we have seen a huge surge in enquiries through our WhatsApp Business Number, Live Chat on our Website and Email channel asking about how they can use messaging channels for their internal communications and customer engagement.

Examples of the types of queries we have received:
  1. Our call centres are flooded with calls and with the limited staff strength we have, we are looking for an omnichannel communication solution connected with WhatsApp for Business and Facebook Messenger to help to reduce our call load.

  2. We are looking to implement SMS and WhatsApp notification service for our internal communications with our global workforce.

  3. We are looking at using WhatsApp for Business as a messaging platform to broadcast information to our congregation (e.g. COVID-19 style). Our initial research shows that a regular Business account is insufficient, as it can only be linked to a single number and device.

    Our requirements would be:
    1. Multiple senders using multiple devices – as more than one staff member is required to have access to administrator rights.
    2. Allow congregation and members to subscribe and receive information – reference WhatsApp subscription!/5e33fa3709f80b00113b6891

  4. As part of BCP we would require something like Moobidesk to read and reply incoming messages for our staff. The customer will send us messages via WhatsApp for business. I have an existing phone number already registered with WhatsApp for business API.
If you have any questions on how you could use Messaging channels for your organisation’s needs, please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.