3 questions to ask yourself to find out if WhatsApp Business is the right tool for you

With 3 million companies using WhatsApp Business, it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon. But before you make your decision, here are 3 questions to help you determine if WhatsApp Business is really what you need.
1. What types of enquiries do you get from your customers?
Managing incoming customer queries is a task that every business needs to deal with. Some businesses have it easier while many face difficulties trying to tackle the overwhelming enquiries.
Despite the increasing amount of information available online, incoming customer enquiries will be a constant simply because it is impossible to predict all the questions customers may have. Every customer is different – some find brief descriptions sufficient while others want to know your products and services inside out before deciding whether to make a visit to your physical store.
For example, beauty salons often accumulate an intimidating amount of customer queries. With the detailed explanation of each treatment already available, customers remain unsure of which treatment suits them best. They will usually resort to ringing up the customer service hotline to seek further clarifications.
But at the same time, having over-the-counter staff answer calls and tend to walk-in customers on top of administrative work puts a strain on the human resources available. Frustrated after being put on hold, potential customers might end the call even before getting to talk to an employee. As a result, this takes a toll on the service quality and risks losing business opportunities. When customer queries are non-recurring and specific, pre-written answers or information sheets may not always suffice.
With WhatsApp Business, customers can send a text to the business’ WhatsApp hotline to seek clarifications. Messages are not time sensitive thus customer support agents will still be able to respond some time after the message has been received unlike a call that does not afford waiting time of beyond a few minutes. In a private one-to-one environment, customers feel more secure about disclosing personal information occasionally required before businesses can provide them with more information.
WhatsApp Business provides a one-to-one instant messaging solution for you to address each customer’s concerns effectively, making customer service effortless even during the most hectic of times.
2. Do you seek to leverage customer support as a competitive advantage?
In the competitive environment that businesses operate in today, products and services are insufficient to capture customers’ attention. With more customers willing to pay higher prices for better customer service, businesses are shifting away from the traditional methods of product and price differentiation.
An alternative method to help your business stand out from the crowd is to leverage customer support as a competitive advantage. WhatsApp Business can help to drive your customer service standards beyond customer expectations.
WhatsApp Business is a solution dedicated to companies comprising exclusive features developed with the aim of providing businesses a way to make themselves visible alongside the other 1.5 billion active users on WhatsApp.
It is a versatile communications solution that can be used for a variety of applications to aid businesses in enhancing their customer support. The two-way instant messaging provides an easy way for customers to reach out to businesses and facilitates agents’ quick response to enquiries.
WhatsApp Business’ message templates with placeholders also makes the dissemination of bulk messages an effortless process without losing the element of a personal touch. This allows efficiency to be achieved without compromising customers’ demand for an interpersonal experience.
An all-encompassing solution, WhatsApp Business continues to enrich conversations between businesses and customers for a delightful experience, simultaneously reducing the effort required by businesses to provide quality customer service.
3. Are your competitors using WhatsApp Business already?
With so many options available in the market, comparing comes second nature to customers as they want to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible. Being present on WhatsApp can easily earn your business brownie points with customers when compared to competitors who are not.
This is because establishing yourself on WhatsApp reflects your efforts in trying to connect with customers and enhance customer relationships. Customers will find your business more accessible since they can connect with you easily via a platform that is user-friendly, and you will be able to provide timely responses to them.
Additionally, your visibility can be greatly magnified through the WhatsApp Business account profile as it allows you to provide basic information such as opening hours and business name, substantiated with a link to your website. The business profile serves as an electronic business card and an alternative channel for customers to discover your business. It can also aid in furthering your outreach through the word-of-text where customers can forward your business contact to their friends and family members, making your business more widely known.
The exposure businesses receive and the quality support they are able to provide is significantly different with and without WhatsApp Business. Level out your playing field with competitors who are already engaged on WhatsApp Business for optimum outcomes.
So…what’s your final answer?
We hope that you have a clearer picture as to whether WhatsApp Business is the solution for you. If you have decided that you would like to join other businesses on this ubiquitous instant messaging platform, here’s where you can start!
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